Salmon Heaven Logo Art
20295139 illustration of happy cartoon chef with italian pizza

Real Ingredients –  Tasty Sauce –  Crispy base!


This is our current list of Pizza’s and Pate’s


  • Hawaiian with home-made sauce & crispy base.
  • Meat-lovers: Bacon, Ham, Beef, Chicken Salami.
  • BBQ Meats selection with hickory Smoke sauce
  • Vegetarian: SD Toms, Cr Cheese, Avocado, Pesto, Relish.
  • Smoked Mussels with roast onion, lemon & pepper
  • Salmon Supreme with SD tomatoes, Pesto & Chives
  • V&V Pizza: Vegan & Vege friendly! FREE of: Gluten, Nuts, Egg, Dairy & Soy! Full of: Flavour and Avocado, Smoked Roast Onions, Capsicums, SD Toms, Mushrooms & Vegan Cheese.