Our High Quality Products are available at these locations

Sovereign Salmon.
165 Hororata Road, Hororata. Darfield. 7572.

Salmon Heaven Shop.
Bush-Inn Centre. Cnr Waimairi & Riccarton Roads, Christchurch.

Salmon Heaven Shop.
124 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland. 1052.

These quality products are available at “Rustic Country 1878 Hotel” at 159 Main Street in Oxford. We run our pie warmer from midday Saturdays and Sundays. Pie with chips & salad is on the menu and cooked to order. Frozen product available for sale please ask regarding varieties.

Please contact us and we will provide our latest product / price list!

Thank You.

Products List:

Hand Made Deep Dish Pie’s

  • 1878 Smoky seasoned Sausage Roll.
  • Spiced Apple & Blueberry Turnover
  • Vegetarian & Cheese Sauce
  • Sausage in Hangi Onion Gravy
  • Breakfast Bacon &Egg with Spaghetti & Hash
  • Olde-Fashioned Cloves & Cinnamon Apple Pie
  • Giant Sausage Roll Relish & Stuffing
  • Pork with  Vegetables & Sage Stuffing
  • Chicken dinner with Vegetables & Seasoning
  • Smokey Silverside & Potato Mash
  • Boil-Up Smoked Bacon Hocks & Watercress & lots of juice!
  • NZ Prime Beef Mince & Smoked Cheese
  • NZ Prime Beef Mince & NZ Tomato Sauce
  • Tuna Chunks & Kumara Bake & Lemon Sauce
  • Tender mild Curried Beef, Jasmine Rice
  • Creamy butter Chicken, (No premixes) Thai Steam Rice
  • NZ Prime Beef Mince & Chunky Potato Top
  • Mutton with Sage Stuffing & Vegetables
  • Prime Beef Steak & Smoked Cheese
  • Prime Beef Steak & Cracked Pepper prime Beef Steak & Roast Garlic
  • Prime Beef Steak & Smoked Kidneys
  • Venison Red Wine, Veges & Stuffing
  • Vegan Vege, Beans Greens & Tomato
  • Gourmet Salmon Supreme in Creamy Chive Sauce
  • Gourmet Smoked Mussel in Roast Onion sauce


  • Hawaiian with home-made sauce & crispy base.
  • Meat-lovers: Bacon, Ham, Beef, Chicken Salami.
  • BBQ Meats selection with hickory Smoke sauce
  • Vegetarian: SD Toms, Cr Cheese, Avocado, Pesto, Relish.
  • Smoked Mussels with roast onion, lemon & pepper
  • Salmon Supreme with SD tomatoes, Pesto & Chives
  • V&V Pizza: Vegan & Vege friendly! FREE of: Gluten, Nuts, Egg, Dairy & Soy! Full of: Flavour and Avocado, Smoked Roast Onions, Capsicums, SD Toms, Mushrooms & Vegan Cheese.


  • Sovereign smoked Salmon Pate’ 50% fish. 120g
  • Sovereign smoked Salmon Pate’ 50% fish. 220g


We offer Courier delivery to most South Island destinations at one to three days, North Island on request. Please inquire and we will advise of ETA & pricing dependent on distance and quantity. We bake fresh daily and freeze the Pies/Products overnight for courier delivery the next day. Our Pies & Products are large and heavy and don’t stack or travel well unless frozen, this also allows you to keep them frozen on arrival until required and minimize any wastage.


Product is packed in clean recycled food grade Cardboard Cartons if delivery is within Canterbury, we will use Polystyrene bins or Chilltainers with sealed lids if destination is over 200km or more than 2 days from our kitchen. Packaging is labelled: as Food, Perishable & Fragile. Our Contact details are included to enable traceability. 

Packaged ready for dispatch 2

New Zealand:

We employ locals, we purchase NZ ingredients whenever possible, we buy from our local produce market, our meat is sourced from NZ, we are proud to support New Zealand producers and suppliers. Well after all it is a genuine NZ Kiwi Home-made & Hand-made Pie! See Photos…. 


Our pricing is reflective of our high quality, hand-made, product. We don’t make the cheapest product but we do have a good profit percentage & the best value for your customers dollar! Repeat trade generating turnover & profits will ensure yours and our business is successful with a good reputation for a unique product.


We will not supply our products to any of your competitors within a 5km radius or to anyone else if you are in a small country town…. without prior negotiation first. Some exclusions may apply and we will agree on these as applicable before supply commences. We believe in a trusted working relationship and our reputation as a quality supplier is just as important as yours is as the preferred outlet.  


If it’s great tell everyone… if it’s not tell us! We will offer all the support we can to ensure your receive, store, reheat, display & sell the product as required, your reputation is also ours! Safe food handling is paramount for us all and keeps happy customers returning.  


Sell as a real hi-quality / hand-made NZ made Pie or value add with Salad, Fries, Coleslaw, Baked Potato etc and add to your menu and profits. We can send product photos for your menu boards to show your customers what’s on the inside as we all have nothing to hide.


Each Pie is made by hand, we don’t use casserole type mixes or machines as others do! All our ingredients are placed in the pastry as per our strict specifications and quantities, our Pies are made in a deep dish gourmet type tin and we load it full of ingredients. Savoury Pastry on the base and light Flaky Pastry on the top, our pies are then egg glazed prior to baking.


We will recommend the retail selling prices, but the final price is your decision! Turnover creates profit not the other way around. Pies are best sent in lots of 24x, smaller and larger quantities are available and courier costs will vary. Mixed cartons are offered and will be costed per product; we can mix & match to suit your preference.  


We can be contacted by email which is preferred. Orders inquiries are best sent to us via email to ensure details on quantity, type and delivery days are clear. Messages can be left via this website under “Contact”. We will respond as fast as possible but please remember we are in the Country and work hard in our bakehouse so response times can be a day or two.


Once your order including freight is confirmed we will contact regarding payment, our EFTPOS system accepts payment over the phone, none of your personal or card details are stored in any form by us, repeat orders will require the same process of payment to be repeated! As all orders are confirmed via email we will send all Invoices back to the same email address. Use the Invoice number as reference when your order arrives. Your prompt payment ensures our Kiwi suppliers and valued staff are also paid on time. 


These can be supplied to you at cost. We will cover the cost of the courier freight & packaging, the price of the Pie/Product is charged at the wholesale rate inclusive of GST, typically 3 to 6 pies / products are sent as a sample pack. Only one sample pack per wholesale customer, these are not for retail sale or private purchasing. Please contact if you have any queries. 


We will at all times reserve the right to supply. Our reputation is built on trust & quality, this will ensure that when you sell our products you have our full support to maintain the product as a premium Pie that deserves the price and repeat custom we have all worked hard to achieve. Respectful communication and assistance is the preferred method if any concerns are raised by our selling partners. Wholesale weekly accounts are offered at our discretion to wholesale customers in trade. We retain ownership to all our products and material until paid in full, following orders will only be sent to our wholesale clients once the previous invoice is settled. Thank You.  


We are always open to recycling, reducing our wastage and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Clean packaging is gratefully accepted back to be reused, sorry but we can’t pay the courier costs though. Most of our cartons and bins are already on their second journey and we will continue to innovate whenever practical and safe to do so. We use paper labels, recycled cardboard clam packaging for our retail Pies & cardboard Pizza boxes! NO plastic sealed Pie bags at all!


1878 Kitchen Pies are twice the weight of most of our competitors; they are full of ingredients as defined in descriptions and shown in our product photos. We take pride in making a Pie that lives up to its reputation. Recipes have been well tested and tasted; they are made in registered premises by a qualified Chef and a passionate team. We will provide a copy of our “Food Safety Certificate” and registration number if requested to our wholesale / hospitality clients.


Check your delivery upon arrival and query any obvious damage with the courier before accepting. Place the product in fridge ASAP, fridge storage is recommended for 3 to 5 days maximum, if longer times are desired then the product needs to be kept frozen from arrival. This is a thick Pie and thawing in fridge can take up to 2 days. Please remember insulated containers will prevent chilling & freezing unless lids are opened, repack or refrigerate and freeze all products covered to prevent product drying out! 


We have been asked to make genuine old style Home / Hand-made quality baked goods and we have responded! Our Pies are not full of air and we don’t use thick pastry, photos are of the product shown on here. New products to compliment our range are: Scones 3x varieties of Plain (for Devonshire), Cheese or Date. Muffins 3x varieties: Chocolate, Spiced Blueberry, Zingy Lemon Curd. A traditional Beef & Potato Pastie and a Super Sausage Roll are also available…. these are all made in the style and taste that your grandparents would recognise and enjoy! If you have a product you’d like us to make please ask and we will contact to see if it can be done for you!


Our product reaching our customers as required is essential as is your success. Our advice is to hold our products frozen until required, thaw overnight in your fridge as required for the next day’s sales, hold products in your display fridge until purchased and heat to order if in a Café situation, this will reduce (eliminate) any wastage and keep the products in good condition until heated or sold, for Pie warmer product thaw overnight and heat as mentioned in “presentation”. Scones or Muffins require 10-15 seconds in the microwave if held in a fridge to freshen them up before service to the customer. Plain Scones with just Butter or Jam & Cream as a Devonshire offering, Cheese or Date Scones with butter only. We have a qualified Chef here to help you!


It is not recommended to totally reheat from frozen to consumption in a microwave… pastry and microwaves don’t go well together unless for very short times! From fridge heat Pies in the oven on convection fan-bake at 140c for 10 to 15 minutes, all times are variable and if more pies are loaded into the oven heating times will alter/increase. Test inside temperature with a small probe thermometer and adjust your times to suit your equipment, if not hot in the centre lower your oven temp to 120c and increase your time by 5-10 minutes, the inside temp should be minimum 65c. Keep Pie warmer at 70c and use a water dish to maintain fresh quality. We are happy to offer assistance based on your specific requirements and equipment ratings. 

Please discuss with us regarding packing being oven / heatproof if product is to be reheated in its cardboard containers. We recommend testing the core temperature with a small probe thermometer to ensure product is heated properly and safe to consume, adjust times to suit or contact us for advice!